Thursday, January 8, 2009

AWESOME High waisted WHITE denim skinny jeans, THEY HAVE THE MOST ADORABLE BOWS AND ZIPPERS AT HEMS.... sooo cute!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RAINBOW skirt!

SO ADORABLE!!! this rainbow embroidered, gray gathered skirt can sit at the nautral waist or low on the hips (depending on your size). it has pleats above the flounce and the bright contrasting seashell embroidery over it POPS against tonal gray stripes AWESOME!!!


What a hot jacket!!! Sooooo unique and soooo awesome… I may even loose a little weight so I can keep it!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tis the season, To shop vintage… BE SELFISH.

Your Sweet Selfish Self...

Finding an item that is perfect as well as unique for that specific loved one, can seem practically impossible. The hunt and guesswork can indeed be treacherous. As you shop for this amazing gift, keep in mind that you are also being slightly selfish at heart. YES selfish, but in a good way!

The sweat, stress and mental twist ties are endured as much for your own final reward, as well as the receivers’. We know the precious people in our lives like the backs of our hands. We have studied these individuals so well that we can predict their behavior. We can even tell when they are lying straight through their teeth! A fake “happy” reaction to a gift received from you is instantly detected… they, as much as you really want to like the present but if they don’t there is little that can be done (that’s another article I must write!)… In order to sit in the glory of a “mission accomplished”, your sweet selfish self must have a very grateful loved one (turned cheerleader/hugging/I love you machine) bouncing next to you. AHHH mutual gratification… now that’s what I want for Christmas.



Thursday, December 4, 2008

SELLING your 1st item on ETSY....

For every Etsian the 1st sale is like no other. Unfortunatly not every sale is as easy as pie! I know a handful of people that have had thier share of "no sweat" sales, but for many sellers closing a deal takes hard work. Above all, the passion they feel for their items is the source of their success.

I admire the zeal and human quality of the Etsian community. I must admit I was a feebay enthusiast years ago... but I got discouraged by the high fees and auction stress. On Etsy one can feel cozy and warm amongst all the creative souls that put their heart and sweat into the work that they love... the work that they can't live without...

I had my 1st vintage sale today :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The WHY to Almightys' obsession with vintage.

Our perception of life depends on the surroundings in which we live, the beliefs we trust in and, the current events that affect our daily lives. These are such influential factors that our minds are the results of the latter.
The most obvious, tactile and, visible evidence of this theory are the products of our creativity. Creative yet functional items like fashion, advertising and, architecture are things that we use and see on a daily basis.

Designers, advertisers and, architects study our desires, social preferences and, boundaries prior to working on new ideas. This is essential in order to create an item that sells, hence the reflection of an era in things like buildings, skirts and, soup cans. Anything man touches while in his era has a specific look. It’s absolutely amazing to see how society affects our vision and creative style.

To be able to touch, and handle things that have survived through decades of history, elevates my spirit to a nostalgic level. I time travel and imagine myself in the shoes of the owners and wonder what they were like and how they felt and even what they went through in their lifetime. TAKE A LOOK