Sunday, November 30, 2008

The WHY to Almightys' obsession with vintage.

Our perception of life depends on the surroundings in which we live, the beliefs we trust in and, the current events that affect our daily lives. These are such influential factors that our minds are the results of the latter.
The most obvious, tactile and, visible evidence of this theory are the products of our creativity. Creative yet functional items like fashion, advertising and, architecture are things that we use and see on a daily basis.

Designers, advertisers and, architects study our desires, social preferences and, boundaries prior to working on new ideas. This is essential in order to create an item that sells, hence the reflection of an era in things like buildings, skirts and, soup cans. Anything man touches while in his era has a specific look. It’s absolutely amazing to see how society affects our vision and creative style.

To be able to touch, and handle things that have survived through decades of history, elevates my spirit to a nostalgic level. I time travel and imagine myself in the shoes of the owners and wonder what they were like and how they felt and even what they went through in their lifetime. TAKE A LOOK